Phase I (AU, SP, SU)

What's The Problem?

  • 10 Week Part-Time Facilitated Stage Gate

  • Completion of Idea Generation Canvas

  • 50+ In-Depth Customer Interviews

  • 3 - 5 Uncovered Data Insights

Phase II (SU)

What's The Best Solution?

  • 12 Week Full-Time Externship

  • Completion of the OnRamp Business Canvas

  • Validation of Business Model

  • Detailed Launch Model & Project Risk

Phase I Process

  • Identify optimized customer segments
  • Conduct customer validation interviews
  • Gain user experience insights
  • Uncover customer pain points
  • Unwind solution concepts to identify the root problem
  • Explore solution models
  • Build testable business model use cases
  • Derive value from corporate ideas


  • Paid undergraduate students, employees of Ohio State
  • IP assignment to sponsoring company
  • Confidential agreements with each student
  • Contract agreement between the company and the Center for Innovation Strategies



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